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Nametags and Accountability

I was pleased to see the NYPD’s name badges were being worn and were readable in coverage of the Wall Street protests. In almost every media photo of protests (especially ones requiring crowd control) in London this year, police name badges were covered or removed entirely. I am sometimes annoyed by working in a nametag job, but now I think I’ll remember that it is a vital part of being accountable to the people you serve. I’ll stand behind my actions.

Are my services too abstract?

A patron came in the library for the first time, looking for information on a particular career, including magazine articles. I walked her through the process of getting to our magazine article database and searching for appropriate articles, then the same for our career search databases, then showed her an especially good online sources of information from the federal government, explaining that she could either use the library computers or a home computer, but that she would need to apply for a library card to use the databases outside the library building. I then presented her with a written list of the resources I had explained to her

Her response to this was “So, I didn’t even need to come to the library at all?”


Half a loaf

Premise: (nearly) every time I provide an email address for an organization to reach me, it is customized for them: if I deal with Ford, they will send me mail at ford@[this domain]. This lets me see who has sold my address on to someone else.
Aside: apparently almost nobody sells email addresses anymore, as virtually all the spam that folks attempt to send me is directed to addresses I foolishly allowed to be published in my naïve youth. As a result, if you want me to get mail and you use my favorite address to reach me, you’d better be on my whitelist.
Last week (I think it was), I received spam that wanted me to go to what I believe is a malware-infect{ed,ing} site. That spam was sent to an address I had provided to what I believe is a conscientious organization, so I was disappointed that their security had (apparently) been breached.
Today, I received email from that organization stating that one of their email service providers (Epsilon) had had “an unauthorized entry into [their] computer system,” and apologizing for the inconvenience. The break-in has been reported elsewhere. The thing that was missing from the apology was any indication how I might change my email address with them, as I would (barely) rather change my address than just turn off the compromised address. Even an “if you wish to remove your address from our mailing list …” would have been nice (practically de rigueur, for that matter, considering virtually every piece of mail to a list is expected to have information regarding opting out). Also of note: the apology email was sent via Epsilon. I hope the organization got a good rate for it.

It wakes you up

A recipe for Orange Juice Surprise:
Shake the orange juice jug to mix the juice, find out that the lid is on less securely than you thought it was. Surprise!

What you always suspected

A weekly email from a restaurant rating web page tells me about “last minute openings” in reservations. After several months, I suspect that all restaurants have available tables at all times they are open. Because I don’t live in New York.

Say Anything

How you may not use ATT’s Create-a-Code:

You may not use or allow others to use the Service, directly or indirectly through your Device or wireless number, nor upload, distribute, transmit, communicate, link to, publish or access any Content through, using or otherwise in connection with the Service, that: Is a commercial product or service, advertises or promotes a commercial product or service, or allows, solicits, or facilitates the sale or purchase of a product or service.

Kickboxing remains the sport of the future.

Kotatsu Cat Party

Maru has fun under the Kotatsu, and the linked Wikipedia entry indicates that “However, cats frequently sleep under kotatsu and are small enough to fit completely underneath.” I would think the average kitty would try to remain in the convenient heated cave as much as possible. If you had multiple cats, you might not get to use it yourself.