Work Reading

NF, Poop happened! : a history of the world from the bottom up / by Sarah Albee 2010, nr
GN, RESISTANCE, Jablonski, Carla 2010 (nr)
GN, Koko Be Good, Wang, 2010, nr
TF, The Year We Were Famous, Dagg, 2011 (NR)
TF, The Big Crunch, Hautman, 2011, NR
NF, To Timbuktu: Nine Countries, Two People, One True Story, Scieszka, 2011, NR
TF, How I stole Johnny Depp’s alien girlfriend / by Gary Ghislain, 2011, nr
TF, The interrogation of Gabriel James / Charlie Price, 2010, nr
TF, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Riggs, 2011, nr
TF, The accidental genius of Weasel High / Rick Detorie, 2011, nr
NF, Pavement Chalk Artist, Beever, 2010, nr
GN, Lewis and Clark, Bertozzi, 2011, nr
NF, Trapped: How the World Rescued 33 Miners from 2000 Feet Below the Chilean Desert, Aronson, 2011, nr
TF, Supernaturally / Kiersten White, 2011 (nr)
GN, Bad Island, Doug TenNapel, 2011, NR
TGN, A Game for Swallows: To Die, to Leave, to Return, Zeina Abirached, 2012 (nr)
GN, Around the World, Phelan, 2011 (nr)
TF, Meyer, Marissa CINDER, 2012 (nr)
TF, The Obsidian Blade, Pete Hautman, 2012 (nr)
TF, On the Day I Died: Stories from the Grave, Candace Fleming, 2012, nr
TGN, Drama, Raina Telgemeier with Gurihiru, 2012 (nr)
TGN, Leo Geo and his miraculous journey through the center of the earth, Jon Chad, 2012 (nr)

NF, World Without Fish, Kurlansky, 2011
NF, The notorious Benedict Arnold : a true story of adventure, heroism, & treachery / Steve Sheinkin, 2010
NF, The many faces of George Washington : remaking a presidential icon / By Carla Killough McClafferty, 2011
TF, Fairy Bad Day, Ashby, 2011
NF, The Elephant Scientist, O’Connell & Jackson, 2011
TF, Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick, Joe Schreiber, 2011
JF, Floors, Patrick Carman, 2011
TF, Shelter, Harlan Coben, 2011
GN, Tricky Coyote Tales, Schweizer, 2011
JF, The Apothecary, Maile Meloy, 2011
TF, BURIED THUNDER, Bowler, 2011
TF, Ashfall, Mullin, 2011
TF, Scored, McLaughlin, 2011
TF, The Dead Kid Detective Agency, Munday, 2011
JNF, First Girl Scout, Wadsworth, 2011
TF, Sales, Leila PAST PERFECT, 2011
TNF, Seiple, Samantha GHOSTS IN THE FOG, 2011
TF, Dearly, Departed, Lia Habel, 2011
TF, Mystery of the Tempest, Cameron, 2011
GNF, Spy, Spy Again, Holdcroft, 2011
TF, Held, Ravel, 2011
TNF, Charles Dickens and the street children of London / by Andrea Warren, 2011
TNF, Digging for Troy: From Homer to Hisarlik, Jill Rubalcaba, 2011
TNF, Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste: More Unforgettable Experiments that Make Science Fun, Steve Spangler, 2011
TF, Legend, Marie Lu, 2011
TF, Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy, Pinter, 2011
JNF, Duped : true stories of the world’s best swindlers / Andreas Schroeder, 2011
TF, Rex, Adam COLD CEREAL, 2012
TF, Why We Broke Up, Handler, 2011
TNF, How to feel good : 20 things teens can do / by Tricia Mangan, 2011
TF, The Way We Fall, Megan Crewe, 2012
TF, Tempest, Julie Cross, 2012
NF, Miles to Go For Freedom: Segregation and Civil Rights in the Jim Crow Years, Linda Barrett Osborne, 2012
GN, Best Shot in the West: The Adventures of Nat Love, McKissack, 2012
JF, Chomp, Carl Hiaasen, 2012
TF, Ripper, Stefan Petrucha, 2012
TF, Name of the Star, Maureen Johnson, 2011
TF, The Silence of Murder, Dandi Daley Mackall, 2011
TF, Kill You Last, Todd Strasser, 2011
JF, Time Snatchers, Richard Ungar, 2012
TF, Paradise Trap, Catherine Jinks, 2012
TF, Losers in Space, John Barnes, 2012
TF, 172 Hours on the Moon, Johan Harstad, 2012
TF, I Hunt Killers, Barry Lyga, 2012
TNF, We’ve got a job : the 1963 Birmingham Children’s March, Cynthia Levinson, 2012
TGN, African-American classics, edited by Tom Pomplun and Lance Tooks, 2011
NF, Temple Grandin : how the girl who loved cows embraced autism and changed the world / by Sy Montgomery, 2012
TF, Cat Girl’s Day Off, Kimberly Pauley, 2012
TF, Lexapros and Cons, Aaron Karo, 2012 (nr)
TF, Eve / Anna Carey, 2011
TF, A Confusion of Princes, Nix, 2012
TF, Devine Intervention, Martha Brockenbrough, 2012
TF, Violins of Autumn, Amy McAuley, 2012
TF, A Girl Named Digit, Annabel Monaghan, 2012
TF, Tokyo Heist, Diana Renn, 2012
TNF, Invincible Microbe, Jim Murphy, 2012
TF, Railsea, China Mieville, 2012
TF, Keeping the Castle, Patrice Kindl, 2012
TNF, The Mighty Mars Rovers, Elizabeth Rusch, 2012
TF, Team Human, Justine Larbalestier, 2012
TF, Endlessly, Kiersten White (seq to Paranormalcy), 2012
TNF, Moonbird, Phillip Hoose, 2012
TNF, Their Skeletons Speak: Kennewick Man and the Paleoamerican World, Sally M. Walker, 2012
TF, Drain You, M. Beth Bloom, 2012
TF, Insignia, S. J. Kincaid, 2012
TF, Burn, Heath Gibson, 2012
TF, The Demon Catchers of Milan, Kat Beyer, 2012
TF, Don’t Turn Around, Michelle Gagnon, 2012
TNF, That Mad Game, J. L. Powers, 2012
TNF, Zora! The Life of Zora Neale Hurston, Fradin, 2012
TF, The Other Normals, Ned Vizzini, 2012
TF, The Assault, Brian Falkner, 2012
TF, Shift, Kim Curran, 2012
TF, Adaptation, Malinda Lo, 2012
TF, The Dark Unwinding, Sharon Cameron, 2012
TF, Nobody Knows, Shelley Tanaka, 2012
TF, Dodger, Terry Pratchett, 2012
TNF, Discovering Black America: From the Age of Exploration to the Twenty-First Century, Linda Tarrant-Reid, 2012
TNF, The Impossible Rescue: The True Story of an Amazing Arctic Adventure, Martin W. Sandler
TF, Dead Cat Bounce, Nic Bennett, 2012
TF, Bushman Lives!, Daniel Pinkwater, 2012
TF, The Cloak Society, Jeramey Kraatz, 2012
TNF, Che Guevara, Stuart A. Kallen, 2012
TF, The Bridge, Jane Higgins, 2012
TF, Ungifted, Gordon Korman, 2012
TNF, Bomb: The Race to Build–and Steal–the World’s most Dangerous Weapon, Steve Sheinkin, 2012 (nr)
TF, The Bridge, Jane Higgins, 2012
NF, The Burning House: What Would You Take? Foster Huntington, 2012
TF, Twice Shy, Patrick Freivald, 2012
TF, Apollo’s Outcasts, Allen Steele, 2012
TNF, Faces From the Past, James M. Deem, 2012
TNF, Home Front Girl, Joan Wehlen Morrison, 2012
TNF, Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind an American Friendship, Russell Freedman, 2012
TF, Revolution 19, Gregg Rosenblum, 2013
TNF, Courage Has No Color: The True Story of the Triple Nickles, America’s First Black Paratroopers, Tanya Lee Stone, 2013
TNF, Witches! : the absolutely true tale of disaster in Salem / by Rosalyn Schanzer, 2011
TGN, The girl who owned a city / by O.T. Nelson ; adapted by Dan Jolley ; illustrated by Joëlle Jones, 2012
TNF, Lincoln’s Grave Robbers, Steve Sheinkin, 2013