Kaiju Preservation Society Review

The Kaiju Preservation Society, Scalzi. Yes. I’m nominally in the middle of something like three other books (yes, the Culture re-/read is still happening, and there are reviews of two or so of those waiting for me to commit them to the ether), and I burned through this one more quickly than I’ve read a book in probably literal years. I sometimes resent that Scalzi’s writing doesn’t take my breath away the way Le Guin and Zelazny did, but I realized toward the end of this book that I really like his characters and his stories, and that’s definitely enough to keep me coming back. And now that I’m off Twitter and following him on Mastodon, I might actually find out about new releases sooner than eleven months after publication. As (lately) usual, stuff nobody cares about after the jump.

Other than two likely editing/proofing infelicities, the only mechanical thing that pulled my focus was “…along with [character] and I.” With first-person narration, there’s always the question of author vs. character, but I had a hard time buying that a well-read erstwhile PhD student would construct one of the simplest objective-case examples other than in standard English.