Galactica 1980

Galactica 1980, Awful. Unlike its predecessor, much of whose charm (it turns out) lay in playing it completely straight, this hot mess wanted to be cute, with the goofy music stings (à la the worst of Star Trek) and the fish-out-of-water hijinks. At least it’s only ten episodes, but it’s going to be quite a slog.

Edited to add: This history of Galactica 1980 is very helpful in explaining a lot of the oddnesses of this incarnation of the show: early timeslot meant compulsory “educational” content (considered best delivered by children, inexplicably); dramatically reduced budget meant all kinds of things (you can see the cost-savings right up on the screen: lots of lingering shots instead of story, so much recycled footage—especially where any remotely special effects are involved, only Lorne Green returning from the earlier cast).