September Reading

Lost and Found, Jeffers
A very very very sweet picture book about a boy and a lost penguin– or is he found?? Oh my goodness, so great.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy, Jeffers
I liked this picture book, too, and the backgrounds for the paintings are book pages and covers.

The Hueys in The New Sweater, Jeffers
This was more abstract, about a trend in a group of identical Hueys. It’s a series?

Three Word Phrase: Volume One, Pequin
Great collection, nice and dark. Mmmm. Check out the online comic and buy the book to support the arts/

Mail-order mysteries: real stuff from old comic book ads! / by Kirk Demarais
Those intriguing ads in comic books paired with what you actually got. This satisfied a near-lifelong curiosity. Many of the items I saw in Archie McPhee’s, back when they were on Stone Way.

Master of deceit : J. Edgar Hoover and America in the age of lies / Marc Aronson
Very complete book on a mind-bogglingly influential, secretive, and controlling person. Lots of primary source material and does a really good job of putting events in their cultural and chronological context. Recommended and an unsettling companion to many of the dog-whistle phrases during the election.