June Reading

Thoreau at Walden, John Porcellino
Porcelino uses bits of Thoreau’s words (oft-quoted, as he notes) and combines them with illustrations to re-introduce the vast silences and observation that was a vital part of Thoreau’s experience. I would totally use this with a teen class.

, Tom Gauld
Deceptively simple art (but wow, that shading! Blew me away.) with deceptively simple storytelling and heart-wrenching foreshadowing. This one could be a book of the year. Great.

How to Sharpen Pencils, David Rees
Inspired by vintage how-to that waxes lyrical about the importance of simple tasks, it reminded me of my favorite library writers, L. R. McColvin and Ranganathan. What you do can be transcendent and also funny. Much more than a novelty, quite worth a read. Good wine & pencil pairings.

The Gentle Art of Knitting, Jane Brocket
Just as gorgeous as her blog and inspires one to get back to the tactile and visual enjoyment of knitting rather than slaving over (possibly ill-fitting) gifts. Good wine & yarn pairings. Delightful.