Certain to do SOMETHING

I’m browsing through the 1897 Standard Formulary, a guide to how to mix up all of the odd drugs and remedies you could get at the well-stocked US drugstore at the time. Meaning there are plenty of recipes chock full of nux vomica, senna, and good old-fashioned morphine hydrochlorate. I was pleased to run across a recipe that is unlikely to kill you immediately and can be made from things you have around the house (if you’re living right):
Spirit of Horse-Radish, Compound. (p. 137)
Horseradish root, fresh, scraped av. oz. 2
Bitter orange peel, cut small and bruised av. oz. 2
Nutmeg, bruised gr. 22
Alcohol fl. oz. 8
Water fl. oz. 14
Mix and distill 16 fluidounces. -Brit. Pharm.