Vox Pops that’ll Pop Your Vox

A series of portraits of Londoners commenting on the Olympics in In Focus:
1. Was he told about the portrait ahead of time or was he just WALKING AROUND IN THAT GETUP?
2. There’s some good-looking tubers there.
3. Is that a Matt Lucas vs. Sasha Baron Cohen mural?
4. She may need to invest in some fashionable collarbone padding.
5. I laughed at the hedge maintenance but I do want to know how you get to be retired at 57. Nice.
6. “fashion store staff member”? Perhaps he only seems like he should be a dungeon operator?
7. I was sorry that anyone else commented on the traffic issues because I wanted the crossing guard to be uniquely concerned about the roads.
8. So punchable.
9. I would make a comment along the lines of “graphic illustrator? Like the graphic illustrator in the right corner of the photo?” but he honestly looks like most of the graphic design guys I’ve met. Especially the carefully chosen shoes.
10. Is he allowed to speak?
11. “Dasha” the “21” year old “model” with “big boobs”. I’m surprised that a “model” wouldn’t welcome the tourist “trade”.
12. This guy is simply delightful and is so very carefully paint-splattered.
13. I think this photo just launched a new fetish: sexy motorcycle paramedic.
14. But not tennis :(
15. Yeah, yeah, English fishmonger, but look at the strangely beat up child-shaped charity box with the charity’s name removed! Creepy, huh?
16. This is what all of the phone-support technicians wear at his office.
17. So brick-walled garages AREN’T just in The Sweeney!
18. Questions like “how come you’re dressed like a zombie?” Though to be fair, even non-tourists ask her.
19. I’m hoping they clarified because they are delighted by her public-spiritedness and not because they are afraid someone might assume she’s handicapped in some way.
20. Would YOU buy fashions designed by the man in the Darth Vader jacket and flowery parachute pants?
21. Because Beth-Ann sounded like a hillbilly, but Bethan sounds like a building or neighborhood name (classy!).
22. “Ben Slow” must be rhyming slang for SOMETHING, right? (You must read the tribute to the mural subject, Charlie Burns. Utterly wonderful.)
23. I think he should consider being a suit model. Very dapper.