More Questionable Advice

Too much of the condiments, especially pepper, vinegar, and mustard, may have an unwholesome effect on the cells of the stomach and some of the other organs.

Tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, beef tea, and alcoholic drinks are called stimulants because sometimes they hasten the action of certain organs. They are all discussed later in this chapter with the exception of beef tea. This contains very little nourishment, but is of great value in setting the digestive glands to work, and thus preparing for the true food which should follow later. The use of much beef tea is harmful.

The Human Body and Health: A Text-Book of Essential Anatomy, Applied Physiology, and Practical Hygiene by Alvin Davison, M.S., A.M., Ph.D. American Book Company, 1908.

(assorted beef tea recipes, or buy some Bovril)