But not English-Bengali

Some intriguing definitions from the Samsbad Bengali-English Dictionary, marooned among words in an alphabet I cannot read, with no page numbers because I can’t read those either:

  • a sound as of munching; confused noise as of hot discussion or incessant prattling.
  • possessing catlike brownish eyes
  • the sound of biting off or cutting off (esp. suddenly) a portion of a hard thing at one stroke; a snapping sound; an imaginary sound made by an ant when it pricks.
  • the part of the loin-cloth which the wearer tucks behind him between his legs.
  • a necklace of the twigs of holy basil worn by Vaishnabas.
  • to set a thief to catch a thief
  • a beggar’s bowl or drinking bowl made of cocoanut shell
  • the sound of clapping thunder or the fracture of a bone.
  • a letter (of the alphabet) written badly
  • to cast one’s horoscope from hypotheses or insufficient or uncertain data.

I may have to find my own copy to use as a sort of divining tool.