The Lighter Side of… Animals in the News

Again, a few dopey comments from me on Alan Taylor’s In Focus feature on Animals in the News:

2: He’s definitely feelin’ it.
3: How often do you get to yell “Jesus Christ, it’s a leopard!” yet your joy is dampened by the fact that the top of your head has come off :(
7: Winner of the “how to make bulls even more dangerous” contest and perhaps the opposite of Taureau Piscine?
8: No, they’re not for protection from the lasers, they always wear cool sunglasses there.
9: No joke here, I’m just legitimately surprised that there is dogsled racing anywhere apart from Alaska and the Yukon.
12: Let’s hope this is in a neighborhood where the kids know all about hunting, shall we?
14: Wondered for a moment if that horse would get handed down to a smaller kid after he’s been outgrown.
15: Ozark Hellbenders!!!
17: Buried lead: the cat’s reading Seth Godin’s Tribes.
18: New series starring Ricky Gervais.
23: Monkey dry cleaning is very small and monkeys never read the warning on the bags.
24: Is this cosplay or is this a real thing that people will then cosplay later? So pink.
25: OK, Bill, hold very very still. *brandishes brick*
27: As astonished as a panda can look.
28: This joke has already been done better by Jerry Seinfeld.
30: Oh, his leetle feeeeengers!
31: I sort of hoped this was one of those jail-themed fundraisers they do, but smaller.
36: Do all beavers have those freaky orange nutria teeth?
40: Not actually reminiscing about his sad past, Hadley is thinking about snacks.
41: Fenton! Fenton!!
42: Inspiring caption, but I urge you to seek your metaphorical eagles even before you’re 82. Goodnight folks! Tip your waitstaff!