Fat Vampire Review

Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story, Rex. No. This came highly recommended, and has plenty of positive traits (two in particular: it’s mechanically sound, an incorrect “whomever” notwithstanding; and it has largely believable characterization), but it has two (to me) fatal flaws: it has way too much explanation, and it strikes me as far too interested in amassing geek credibility. These two characteristics combine particularly gratingly in the Rocky Horror scene, which walks us torturously through nearly every nuance of the viewing experience. Granted, plenty of plot and character advancement is occurring during the sequence, but I have to believe every bit of it could have been accomplished better without the artificial framework imposed by having it happen at a night out at a movie—especially when the author feels it necessary to explain so much of the night out.
This book would have been much better if Rex had worked harder on not telling us so much.