Daughters of Satan Review

Daughters of Satan. Awful. In the mid-1980s, Tom Selleck mentioned this on Late Night with David Letterman at least once, so I was pleased to find it available on Netflix (streaming only). Selleck was always a great Letterman guest—game and personable—so I like him, or at least the persona he presents on such occasions.
The clip he presented made it clear that Daughters of Satan was a stinker, so I can’t claim to be surprised at how awful it was. And while I like Selleck, and consider him a competent actor, he is not his generation’s Olivier. He was, however, in a cast of a dozen or so, the only person who seemed to be able to act at all, and even he was clearly struggling with the appalling things he was obligated by the script to say.
I can’t bring myself to watch it again to get a proper Joe Bob Briggs scorecard, but there were several breasts (all gratuitous, and some just plain unwelcome), one beast, and two spontaneous car explosions.
I can encourage seeing this only if you have Rifftrax-class friends with you.