Woodside Villa July 17 1885

Slept so sound that even Mina didn’t bother me as It would stagger the mind of Raphael in a dream to imagine a being comparable to the Maid of Chataqua so I must have slept very sound — As usual I was the last one up. This is because Im so deaf — found everybody smiling and happy — Read more of Miss Clevelands book, think she is a smart woman — relatively — Damons diary progressing finely —

Patrick went to city to get tickets for Opera of Polly, we can com


with Sullivans — We are going out with the ladies in yacht to sail perchance to fish, The lines will be bated at both ends. Constantly talking about Mina who me an Damon use as a sort of Yardstick for measuring perfection Makes Dot jealous, She threatens to become an incipient Lucretia Borgia, Hottest day of season — Hell must have sprung a leak, at two oclock went out on yacht — cooler on the water, Sailed out to the Rock-buoy. This is the point where Damon goes to change his mind, he circles the boat around several times, like a carrier pigeon before starting out on a journey, then we start right dropped anchor in a shady part of the open bay — I acted as Master of the fish lines, delivered them bated to all. The clam boquets were thrown to the piscatorial actors — Miss Daisy caught the first he came up to smilingly to seize the boquet when she jerked him into the dress circle, genus unknown — I caught the next — genus uncertain, the next was not caught. Fish seem to be rather conservative around this bay, one seldom catches enough to form the fundamental basis for a Pie — Dante left out one of the torments of hades — I could imagine a doomed mortal made to untangle wet fish lines forever — Everybody lost patience at the stupidity of the fish in not coming forward promptly to be murdered — We hauled up anchor, and Damon stearing by the compass, (be being by it) made for the vicinity of Apple island — While approaching it we saw a race between two little model vessels full rigged and about 2 feet long — Two yawl boats fulled apparently with US naval officers and men were following them, Are these effeminate pursuits a precursor of the decline and fall of a country as history tells us. — Landed at clock 4


. Came into Villa and commenced reading Lavatar on Facial Philosophy — Dot saw a jellyfish and vehemently called our attention to this translucent chestnut. — Barge called to take us to theatre via Winthrop Junction and Railroad. When we arrived and junction found we should have to wait some time, so we took an open street car for city — while passing along saw man on Bicycle, asked Damon if he ever rode one. He said he did, once practicing riding in large freight shed where floor was even with door of cars and three feet from ground, one day from reason he never could explain he went right through one of the doors to the ground, I remarked that I supposed he kept right on riding No said Damon I jumped back! Arriving at Ferry boat I asked Damon if it was further across River at high tide said he thought it was a he noticed the piles in the ship were at a slight angle — Arriving on the other side took street Gondola, arrived near top of Hanover Street When horses were unable to pull cars to the top of the hill, car slipped back, The executive department of my body was about to issue a writ of ejectment when some of the passengers jumped out and stopped Car, one passenger halloed out to let her go they would get more ride — Arriving a little too early for theatre, went to an Ice cream bazar frigidified ourselves, Then went to the Theatre, where we found it very hot, Solomon the Composer came from the cellar of fairies and sprung a chestnut overture on the few mortals in the audience chamber, Then the Curtain arose shewing the usual number of servant girls in tights. — The raising of the panapoly of fairyland let some more heat in — A rushing sound was heard and Damon said they were turning on the steam — The fairies mopped their foreheads — perspiration dripped down on stage from the painted cherubs over the arch — after numerous military evaluations by the chorus Miss Lillian Russell made her appearance — Beautiful woman, Sweet voice, Wore a fur lined cloak which I thought about as appropriate in this weather as to clothe the firemen on the Red Sea Steamers in sealskin overcoats — noticed one or two original strains the balance of the music seemed to be bagpipean Improvastarationes — Didn’t hear anything that was spoken except once when I thought I heard one of the actors say that his mother sung in the Chinese ballet — Our seats were in the baldhead section, After Theatre walked to ferry boat — Saw a steamer passing brilliantly lighted Mrs G asked what could be nicer than a lighted steamer on the waters at night — somebody suggested two steamers — arrived at sister ferry, took RR train, Saw Miss Russell with he last husbant Mr Solomon get on train, they stop I believe at the sea shore near us — Home — Bed — Sleep —