Woodside Villa July 16 1885

I find on waking up this morning that I went to bed last night with the curtains up in my room — glad the family next door retire early — I blushed retroactively to think of it — Slept well — weather clear — warm. Thermometer prolongatweln [?] progressive — day so fine that barometer anaethized [?] — breakfasted — Diaried a lot of nonsense — Read some of Longfellows Hyperon, read to where he tells about a statue of a saint what was attacked with somnambulism and went around nights with a lantern repairing roofs, especially that of a widow woman who neglected her family to pray all day in the church

Read account of two murders in Morning Herald to keep up my interest in human affairs — Built an air castle or two — Took my new shoes out on a trial trip — Read some of Miss Clevelands book where she goes for George Eliot for not having a heavenly streak of imaginative Twaddle in her poetry — The girls assisted by myself trimmed the Elizabeth collars on twelve daisies, inked eyes nose + mouth on the yellow part which gave them a quaint human look, paper dresses were put on them and all were mounted on the side of a paper box and labelled “The Twelve Daughters of Venus” I hope no College bred dude will come down here and throw out insinuations that Venus was never married and never had any children anyway — Girls went in bathing. Me and Damon went out in the steam Yacht sailed around over the lobster nursery for an hour or so — In the evening Damon started a diary — very witty — Miss Igoe told Damon she couldnt express her admiration, whereupon he told her to send it by freight. Lunched our souls on a Strauss waltz played by Miss Daisy, then we all set around the table to write upon our diaries, I learned the girls how to make shadow pictures by use of crumpled paper — we tried some experiments in mind reading which were not very succesful, Think mind reading contrary to common sense, wise provision of the Bon Dieu that we cannot read each others minds Twould stop civilization and everybody would take to the Woods — in fifty or hundred thousand centuries when mankind have become perfect by evolution then perhaps this sense could be developed with safety to the state, Damon and I went into a minute expense account of our proposed earthly paradise in the land of Flowers, also a duplicate north and we concluded to take short views of life and go ahead with the scheme, It will make a savage onslaught on our bank account. Damon remarked that now all the wind work is done there only remains some little details to attend to such a “raising the money” etc. Mrs Roberts hurt her Sophrano arm and could not come over an play for us as promised and thus we lost her perfumed conversation lovely music and seraphic smile — La femme qui-rit — Since Miss Igoe has been reading Miss Clevelands book her language has become dissylabic, ponderous, stiff and formal, each observation seems laundried–

If this weather gets much hotter, Hell will get up a reputation as a summer resort. Dot asked how books went in the mail, Damon said as second class mail matter, I said Me and Damon would go at this rating — suggested that Mina would have to pay full postage, Damon thought she should be registered. This reminds me that I read the other day of a man who applied for a situation as sexton in the Dead letter office. — Daisies sisters photograph rests on the mantel, shews very beautiful girl every fly that has attempted to light on it has a slipped and fallen, going to put piece chalk near it so they can chalk their feet, this will permit with safety the insectiverous branch of nature to gaze upon a picture of what they will attained after ages of evolution. Ladies went to bed, this removed the artientating [?] upholstery, then we went to bed.