Woodside Villa july 15 1885

Slept well — breakfasted clear up to my adams apple — took shawl strap and went to Boston with Damon with following memorandum of things to get.

Lavatar on the human face — Miss Clevelands book — Heloise by Rousseau — short neckties — Wethelm Meister — Basket fruit — Sorrows of Werther — Madam Recamiers works — Diary books — pencils — Telephone documents — Mark Twains gummed Potentiality of Literature ie scrap book. — also book called “How success is won” containing life of Dr Vincent + something in about Minas father and your humble servitor.

Found that only copy of Lavatar which I saw the other day had been sold to some one who was on the same lay as myself Bought Disreali’s Curiosities of Literature instead — Got Miss Cs book — Twains scrap book — Diary books, How Success is Won also fruit among which are some peaches which the vendor said came from California — think of a lie 3000 miles long — There seemed to be a South Carolina accent in their taste — Started back to office with fruit, apparently by the same route I came, brought up in a strange street saw landmark and got on right course again Boston ought to be buoyed and charts furnished strangers — Damon suggests American District Messenger buoys with uniform — Saw a lady who looked like Mina — got thinking about Mina and came near being run over by a street car — If Mina interferes much more will have to take out an accident policy — Went to dinner at a sort of No-bread-with-one-fishball restaurant then came up towards Damons office, met Damon Madden and Ex Gov Howard of Rhode Island, The Governor whom I know and who is very deaf greeted me with a boiler yard voice, He has to raise his voice so he can hear himself to enable him to check off the accuracy of his pronunciation The Governor never has much time, always in a hurry — full of business, inebriated with industry — If he should be on his death bed I believe he would call in a shorthand clerk to dictate directions for his funeral, short sketch of his life, taking a press copy of the same in case of litigation

Madden looks well in the face but I am told its an Undertakers blush — Went to Damons office he was telling me about a man who had a genius for stupidity when Vail came in dressed like Beau Brummel, both went into another room to try some experiments on Damons Phonometer — Saw Hovey a very very bright newspaper man told me a story related to him by a man who I never would have imagined could or would have told such stories I refer to a gentleman in the employment of the Telephone Co who Tomlinson nicknamed “Prepositum” because he got off that word in a business conversation, his eminent respectability so impressed Tomlinson that when he came out of his office asked me to take him quickly somewhere disreputable so he could recover. This story would have embarassed Satan — I shall not relate it. but I have called it “Prepositums Turkish Compromise” Hovey told me a lot about a 6th sense, mind reading etc made some suggestions about Railroad Telegraph — came home with Damon at 5 oclock — Damon has an ulcerated molar — Just before supper Mrs Roberts and another lady came in to visit Mrs G. Mrs R is a charming woman — Condensed sunshine — beautiful — plays piano like a long haired professor — played several of Lange’s pieces first time seeing them, This seems as incomprehensible to me as a man reciting the Lord’s prayer in four languages simultaneously — Mrs R promised to come tomorrow evening and bring with her a lady who sings beautifully and a boy dripping with music — Everyone after supper started their Dieviy [ed: ?] Mrs G Igse [?] — Daisy + Dot went to bed at 1130 forgot two nights running to ask Damon for night shirt — That part of my memory which has charge of the night shirt department is evidently out of order.