The Woman's Exchange Cook Book

A New and Complete Culinary Encyclopedia containing Facts Worth Knowing, Health Suggestions, Care of the Sick, Table Etiquette, Dinner Giving, Menus, Household Toilet and Cooking Recipes by Minnie Palmer with the approval of Mrs. J. B. Lyon, President of the Woman’s Exchange, Chicago, Ill. (1901)

A wonderful cookbook, full of handy recipes for things not generally now eaten. I will probably have to post some tips on cooking songbirds next.

Plunge the turtle while yet still alive into boiling water. When life is extinct, remove the outer skin and toe nails. Then rinse well, and boil in salted water until perfectly tender. Then take off the shells, remove the gall and sand bag carefully, and clean the terrapin thoroughly. Next cut the meat and entrails into small pieces, saving all the juice, put into a saucepan without water and season to your taste with salt, Cayenne and black pepper. Add for each terrapin butter the size of an egg made smooth with a tablespoon of flour. A few tablespoons of cream should be added last. Many persons add the yolks of three or four hard boiled eggs just before serving. While cooking it should be stirred very often– and must be dished up very hot.”