Cooking a la Ritz

by Louis Diat, Chef, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, New York, 1941

A 524 page long book of recipes from the famous restaurant, supposedly for the American housewife. I think most American housewives would look on this beast with horror in their eyes. It’s packed with horrifically complex sauces and dishes containing huge ingredients lists, each requiring extensive preparation. One of the basic sauces, called for in many of the subsequent sauce recipes? First ingredient is a lobster. It is the very definition of mid-century fancy food.

A charming explanation of the frogs’ leg:
“Frogs’ legs are becoming more and more plentiful on the market, keeping up with the increasing demand. This country consumes more frogs’ legs than any other [country or legs?]. A few years ago, frogs’ legs were prohibited in certain seasons but now we have them all year round. [prohibited? really?] They are raised in special places like terrapin, oysters, etc. Their meat is delicious and as white as the whitest part of chicken.”